Metal Planter Boxes for Modern Yard Renovation

Steel Planter Boxes

At Welding Shop, we customize metal planter boxes to fit your specifications. Our metal boxes are made with sturdy 1/4″ steel and backed with angle iron to last a lifetime. It’s a new and trendy idea to modernize and give your yard the update that it needs! Our plasma cutter will cut to the exact…

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Precision CNC Machine Cutting for your next project

Metal Planter Boxes, Custom Metal Logos, Custom Metal Signs, Precision Straight Cuts and More! Our CNC machine is a precision cutting service we offer at the Welding Shop. Our metal works consist of everything from planter boxes to metal wall art. Our CNC machine will cut with precision giving the exact measurements you need for…

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Custom TV Stands

We were recently commissioned to do custom TV Stands for a new start-up company. We gladly took on the challenge and the customers were very happy with the result. The stands were adjustable at 9-11Ft. in height and held two 55 inch TVs. The TV stands were very sturdy and will serve the company for…

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